VA Facility Cuts Beds, Focuses on Rehab and Reintegration

White City, Southern Oregon Rehabilitation Center and Clinics (SORCC)

"Local Veterans Affairs officials have had their hands full for the past year, changing the culture of the Southern Oregon Rehabilitation Center and Clinics from a home for aging soldiers to a mental health and substance abuse treatment facility." (Associated Press)

The change was mandated by new federal regulations and is part of a new evidence-based practices and treatment programs. VA Officials have already noted substantial progress. The facility's graduation rate has improved from 55 percent to 80 percent in a one year period. The White City or SORCC was first opened in 1949 and was convert into a treatment facility in 1995. It is the largest free-standing treatment facility in the country. In fact it is the last of the large residential VA facilities to be redesigned. Older buildings that were not earth quake compliant have been torn down and new buildings constructed. VA officials stated that no one was displaced with the downsizing or the construction. VA officials expect to serve up to 1,250 veterans in the upcoming year.

In the past veterans would participate in one treatment program leaving them to much idle time that was not socially good for them or their treatment program. At this time veterans participate in multiple programs. The facility not only has substance abuse treatment programs but also a program for homeless veterans. A veteran can obtain a paid job while on campus participating in their treatment programs and upon graduation will have a nest egg saved up to help them transition into the outside world.

At this time a new improved admission process is in place which allows veterans to participate in more than one treatment program at a time. A veteran who arrives with nothing more than the clothes on their back will receive new clothing and a private room while participating in the treatment programs.


VA Rehabilitation Facility, White City, OR

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